Acousticbuoy Scorpio Dual-Mono Preamplifier
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Key Features

Tube Bracket

Top class of audio grade components

— Fully dual-mono design.
• 12AU7 + 6C4 for each channel.
— Fully hermetic aluminum chest
• Annihilate/eliminate interference from RF (Radio frequency)
— Multi layer (4 layers) circuit board
• Annihilate/eliminate interference from AC power.
Enhance the both channel Separation and S/N ratio.
 — Completely without Negative Feedback
  • Better sound performance.
 — Handpicked component
  • Rigors match all instrument grade components.
 — Non-magnetization component assembly
  • All assíŽy material are make by alloy steel
  • All Resistor and Capacitor are chose only copper leg.