Acousticbuoy DAC2488 multi-format Digital to Analog Converter
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Key Features

Digital Engine With Active Jitter reduction

Instrument grade of analogue stage

— Active Jitter reduction receiver provides ultra low Jitter performance <50ps RMS
• Transport jitter is no longer an issue, even using a DVD player as a transport, it will still provide the excellence sounding performance.
— Fully automatic digital up-sampling
• 24bit/352.8kHz or 24bit/384kHz auto-select upsampling.
— Precise Voltage Reference
• The accuracy of the output signal is significantly improved.
— Fully hermetic aluminum chassis and Multi-layer (4 layers) circuit board
• Eliminates both external (RF) and internal (Digital) interference.
— Hand selected components
• All components are instrument grade and have been rigorously matched.
— Non-magnetic chassis assembly
• 98% components have copper lead out and all screws are made by non-magnetic alloy.